Norfolk Music Publishing

Norfolk Music Publishing Limited is an independent media group and operates internationally.

Norfolk’s core business in music publishing, ranging from musicals, to opera, film scores, scores for television series and religious works. Amongst it’s composers are Patrick Hawes, James Kenelm Clarke, Steve Gray, Austin Sherlaw Johnson, Andrew Lowe Watson. It’s principal screen-writer is Henrietta Burgess.

Norfolk was formed originally in 1972 from Colorado Music Ltd, and its main subsidiaries are Musica Britannica Limited, a niche production library, and Small Acorns, a producer of musical productions for school performance. It also produces feature films and two musicals are currently in preparation, as well as our TV series “The Eleven” (about cricket in the 1850’s) and “Oh What A Beautiful Game” (about post-World War 2 football in the UK).