Musica Britannica

Musica Britannica is part of Norfolk Music Publishing Ltd, an independent music publishing company formed by James Kenelm Clarke in the 1970s. Norfolk Music was relaunched in 2011 with the main emphasis on Musica Britannica and creating a library of high quality production music.
Founder James Kenelm Clarke is our principal composer with other works from Patrick Hawes, Peter Jay, David Snell and Roger Mayor.

We are a niche production music library concentrating on music of an essentially English, and sometimes quirky, character and all recorded to the highest possible standard using live musicians.
Because of our long media experience, Musica Britannica titles are all designed with the cutting room and dubbing theatre in mind where you will find that special piece of last minute music. You’ll find our big declamatory numbers here, but we also have quieter more delicate underlays too.

James is a film-maker and composer and first started writing library music when he was eighteen. He was a producer on BBC Television’s “Man Alive” series and amongst his feature film credits is “The 39 Steps” (with Robert Powell) which he produced and “The House On Straw Hill”. Probably his most successful production music is “Wild Elephant”, written in the early 70s and still regularly used today.